Learn how to go from 'just-another-video-producer' to CONFIDENT VIDEO STRATEGIST to get better results for your clients and grow your video business.

The 100% free, 'Video Strategy for Video Pros' live training series is on over 3 interactive virtual events starting from 2pm PDT 23rd May 2022.

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Video Producer! It's time to Rise Up as Video Strategist.

Let me ask you something...

How are you ensuring that the content you create is actually working for your clients?

Are you able to confidently walk your client through a process to develop concise strategy goals and approaches to the video you produce, then to distribute, optimise and analyse the metrics behind each video?

In short, is your business set up to just produce the content, and deliver a video?

Or are you building a video business that can plan, produce and then implement video for your clients strategically across digital channels to get results?

Are you selling a product or a solution?
A commodity or a result?

This is where the role of a Video Strategist comes in, and why I want to help you go from video producer to video strategist this year when doors soon open for full enrolment in the Video Strategist's Masterclass (more on that later)

Right now, I invite you to join the completely free, live, 3-day training where I will teach you the fundamentals of effective video marketing strategy (and how to implement this into your video business) so you can begin your journey to add VIDEO STRATEGY to your video production toolkit.


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The world of VIDEO PRODUCTION for business has changed.

As video producers, it’s time for us to step up, to take the lead, and make a real difference for our clients by creating video that works, video that gets results, video that makes sense in our changing digital world and returns on our clients' investment.

It’s 2022 and it’s time for the rise of the Video Strategist.

Join the Free 3-Part 'Video Strategy For Video Pros' Live Training and learn; how you can go from 'just-another-video-producer' to confident video strategist so you can;


✅  better serve your current clients (and charge them more for strategy)


✅ attract and retain new clients through RESULTS driven video marketing (not just pretty pictures)


✅ ensure the videos that you produce are actually the right video, for the right purpose and used in the right way online (so your work actually gets seen, and not lost in all the noise online)


✅  stop competing in a race to the bottom by differentiating your business as a 'strategy first' agency (not just another video guy with a fancy camera) 

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What Is Covered in the Free Training?

(good question... read on my friend!)

Day 1: May 23rd 2022

2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm BST / 7am AEST (24th May)

In this first training, you'll learn more about the opportunity ahead as a video producer transitioning to video strategy. You'll understand a foundation for the coming days of masterclass training and where video strategy fits for your business as a video producer, videographer or video marketer.

Day 2: May 25th 2022

2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm BST / 7am AEST (26th May)

On Day 2 you'll develop a deeper understanding of each of the 7 elements critical to an effective online video strategy and how you can begin to integrate unique tools and processes for each into your video production workflow for your clients.

Day 3: May 30th 2022

2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm BST / 7am AEST (31st May)

Day 3 is all about the business case for video strategy, and in particular how you can identify the right business model to integrate video strategy services into your video production company. You'll be fast-tracked to actually grow your bottom line and learn how positioning yourself as an 'Accredited Video Strategist' will catapult your business success and provide huge differentiation from your competition.

I'm In ... Sign me up!

What you need to know...

    The training will happen over 3 live training experiences 23rd, 25th & 30th May 2022 at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm BST each day.

    The Video Strategy For Video Pros masterclass training is live training happening within the Free Video Strategist's Community group on Facebook. By registering on this page you'll be able to request to join the Facebook group and get involved in the conversation there prior to the live training starting on the 23rd.

    The best way to participate is definitely to show up live, however, I've got you covered. The live training replays will be available for you to catch up on within the Facebook group until the 3rd June only. After that time they will no longer be available.  Join and watch live to interact, ask questions and be part of the community.

    Your companion to the live training is the Video Strategy for Video Pros workbook. Watch each training and fill out the workbook as you go. The workbook will be available to you via email and in the Facebook group.

    During the live training there will be prizes and giveaways each day. You must be live on the training to win!

    At the end of the live training there will be a limited time to learn more and get access to my newly updated Video Strategist's Masterclass Course and Accreditation Program. This high-value program has helped over 120 other video production professionals transition from video producer to video strategist... so you won't want to miss this.

About Ben...

Hi, I'm Ben Amos. I'm an online video strategist, digital marketer, video producer, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, (Dad and husband) and founder of Innovate Media, a video production and online video strategy agency based in Australia. 

I'm also the host the Apple Podcast's Top 100 (Marketing) Engage Video Marketing Podcast.

In my day-to-day work I'm passionate about working with our clients to develop effective online video strategy within their niche and to help other business owners and marketers to understand the full potential for online video platforms within a wider business marketing strategy.

I believe that as video producers, we know our craft of filmmaking, and in so many cases are bloody good at it too. However, where I feel many videographers and corporate video producers are struggling is with an understanding of, and knowledge of how to implement effective online video marketing strategies for their clients.

That's why I'm hosting this free Video Strategy training for Video Producer's just like you (like me)... and I invite you to join me.

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